About the Collections

The full story behind some of the collections

World Collection

This is a story of travelling the world.
A feather from the Native Americans combined with a drawing from Corinne's childhood symbolizes the beginning and purity of this journey. Onto the rainforests of Brazil, and what it represents to Corinne; which is flowers, feathers and clouds. To achieve this effect she prints with antique lace.
Down to Africa where hunting takes place and as thanks to the animals for giving themselves as food, the symbol of bones is used. She uses two bones to symbolise the sharing and unity between two people. Around to meditating in Tibet where the Namaste is a greeting and hands are put together for a peaceful time, onto this symbol the ‘I chin’ coin from China is printed.
Over to East Europe full of prayers to God, the Tallit of the religious Jews with the little ‘pompons’ called pomegranates and are known as a symbol of wisdom. Travelling to the Middle East with the lucky protective Hamsa (also known as the hand of Fatima) which is used widely by the Arab Jews as a symbol of luck. Then off to the Caribbean sunshine, the everlasting World and the wheel that brings us all together.
A very long chain that was made in Silver and has been shortened for the Gold version, combined with Semi-Precious Stones to add colour and sound. This collection has been bought and admired by woman of all ages. 

Unity Collection

Unity was created over a period of time following the rings collection, a small strong range with a clear message.
The idea came from looking at everything as a continuing process of integration where all is one, people and cultures in a small world. As well as the African landscape which is a prolonged inspiration to Corinne's work.
Corinne has experimented before with combining Silver and Gold. The idea this time was to create the whole range with this fusion, allowing for all the items to be worn together: rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings. 

Xilitla Collection

The Xilitla collection was inspired by a visit to a town in Northern Mexico. Where a magical place called 'Casa de James' was built during the 1950's by an English man called Edward James.
James recreated the petals and leaves of Orchids in concrete, scaled up to monstrous proportions. His surrealistic fountains, terraces, archways, pavilions, staircases and pools hold up a warped mirror to their surroundings. This captivating and lively environment inspired Corinne' s textured collection which was modified to a plain style to suit the fashion consumer whilst in keeping with her organic style. Corinne continues her love of integrating Silver with Gold, creating a collection that is artistic and strong. 

Balanced Collection

S/S 07 Collection named Balanced began by creating rings in Silver and Gold, which then inspired the whole collection.
For this collection Corinne was exploring proportions and heights with a view to creating balance and interconnection between the rings. The rings can become pendants and shapes from the necklace have been made into earrings, furthermore pendants from the bracelet can be used on the necklace, creating playful combinations.
Another part of this collection incorporates the use of thread to some of the jewellery; these designs were created in partnership with textile designer Kate Lewis. The idea behind the collection is friendship and the tying of knots. The colour of red for the thread was chosen as a sign of beginnings, as red was the first colour used by man to make marks in the cave. Please bear in mind that like friendship, these items may change in apperance as the thread may fall.

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