This is simply the process of redeveloping or editing elements

of pre-existing pieces to suit your personal taste.

Whether you want extra stones,

different ones or a slight amendment of shape,

get in touch and we can add a personal touch to any of our pieces.


My Story:

This is a story of travelling the world;

this is my own personal collection of motifs and material,

gathered throughout life, brimming with meaning and made to wear,

preserving memories and precious moments in the physical and present day. 

Beginning with a feather from Native Americans,

embossed with a personal childhood drawing - which was kept for memories sake by my mother - together,

these images symbolise purity and innocence within the start of a life journey.

The next step of the journey goes into the rainforests of Brazil

where themes of spirit, love and connection to the earth become central to my inspirations.

This is symbolised through printing using the impressions of antique lace.

And onto Africa where hunting is a central activity;

the symbol of bones is used as a thanksgiving to the animals for providing us with food.

Two bones are included to express the sharing and unity between two people.

Moving forward,

we travel to Tibetan memories of meditating,

where the Namaste greeting through hands - which are placed together symbolising peace -

is added to the necklace with the I Ching coin from China is printed. 

Over in Eastern Europe,

full of prayers to God are symbolised through the Tallit of the religious Jews.

The knotted fringes are called pomegranates and are known as a symbol of wisdom.

The story then progresses to the Middle East

with the lucky protective Khamsah (five) also known as the hand of Fatima,

widely used as a symbol of luck & protection printed with 5 pence coin.

My story is then rounded up in the light of Caribbean sunshine;

a representation of the continuous energy of the World

that brings us all together.