This is a story of travelling the world. 

A feather from the Native Americans combined with a drawing from Corinne's childhood symbolises the beginning and purity of this journey. Onto the rainforests of Brazil for spirit, love and connection to the earth, to achieve this effect Corinne prints with antique lace. Down to Africa where hunting takes place thanking the animals for providing us with food, the symbol of bones is used. Using two bones to symbolise the sharing and unity between two people. Around to meditating in Tibet where the Namaste is a greeting and hands are put together for a peaceful time, onto this symbol the ‘I chin’ coin from China is printed. Over to East Europe full of prayers to God, the Tallit of the religious Jews with the knotted fringes called pomegranates and are known as a symbol of wisdom. Travelling to the Middle East with the lucky protective Khamsah (five) also known as the hand of Fatima, widely used throughout the Middle East as a symbol of luck & protection. Rounding up to the Caribbean sunshine, the continuous energy of the World that brings us all together. A new charm was added for every country or continent. On a very long Silver chain, shortened for the Gold Plated version and combined with Semi Precious stones to add colour and sound. This collection has been bought and admired by woman of all age.

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