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A CLASSIC TWIST Bangle in Gold

A thinner version of Unity Thin Bangle

The classic twist bangle in gold is a perfect option for simple adornments to compliment your natural physique. It’s organic shaping gives it character and makes it the choice design for wearing alone or with a combination of other bangles, for slightly more magnificence. All bangles can be customised to your liking based on the metals - yellow gold or white gold - and addition of diamonds. Each bangle with diamonds has four diamonds set in pave style framed in a squared line: three diamonds sit together and one on the opposite side. All diamonds are natural in colour and available in black, grey or brown, depending on the metal

  • All Bangles are 1.5mm - 3.0mm width & 1.omm - 1.8mm thickness in size
  • Small Bangle inside diameter Size 5.5cm - 6.0cm
  • Medium Bangle inside diameter Size 5.8cm - 6.4cm
  • Large Bangle inside diameter Size 6.5cm - 6.7cm