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UNITY Simple Necklace in Silver & Gold Plated silver

Large, medium, small and tiny pendants are all available to be worn on the Unity Simple necklace. The pendants are available in either silver or gold plated silver and can be mixed and matched according to taste to create a unique and personal look for the wearer. Additionally, the clasp is designed as such that it is a feature of the design, should you wish to change its angles and give the necklace an extra dynamic

  • Chain Length: 22" 55cm
  • LARGE pendant diameter: 1.5cm-1.8cm Thickness 3-4mm Width 3mm-5mm
  •  MEDIUM pendant diameter: 1cm-1.1cm Thickness 3mm-6mm Width 2mm-4mm
  •  SMALL pendant diameter: 1cm-1.1cm Thickness 4mm-6mm Width 2mm-3mm
  •  TINY pendant diameter: 1cm-1.3cm Thickness 1mm-2mm Width 2mm-4mm