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A CLASSIC TWIST Circles for Hoop Earrings in Gold

Unsymmetrical organically shaped circles for Classic Twist Hoop Earrings each circle can be bought plain or with diamonds. The diamond style has four stones set in pave style framed in a squared line. Three diamonds sit together on one side and one diamond on the opposite side. This shape is attached to a jump ring so when you wear them they will move and turn to create different looks. All diamonds are natural in colour and available in black, grey or brown, depending on the metal.
These circles are a great addition to put on your hoops. You can always choose to add them at a later stage. 

Width 1.8mm - 2.5mm
Depth 1.2mm - 1.4mm
Diameter 6.0mm - 7.omm
Jump ring diameter - 5mm
Drop down top to bottom circle with jump ring 1.3cm