This is simply the process of redeveloping or editing elements of pre-existing pieces to suit your personal taste. Whether you want extra jewels or a slight amendment of a shape, get in touch and we can add a personal touch to your Corinne Hamak pieces. 


Using your already purchased and worn jewellery, I am able to produce brand new pieces for your collection - a way of redesigning your narrative without removing the essence or value of personal pieces. Upcycling could be your way of preserving past memories whilst creating a new opportunity for joy. Sometimes for sentimental use of your family heirloom upcycling older jewellery is the nicest way to add something to brighten up your pre-existing collection of jewellery. The process includes melting down your metals and developing them into new forms, whether it’s a ring that you wish to redesign or a collection of items that are spare and could create a new jewel.

The possibilities are endless with Corinne’s skills and consideration in tow. 


These items are made from scratch, for you and yours; your ideas, your sentiments, your wishes fulfilled

in the form of our specially crafted bespoke pieces. If you have an entirely new idea that you want to manifest,

whether inspired by Corinne’s other pieces or entirely unique, please get in touch with us to book a consultation.

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