Born in France to an Argentinian father and a French mother,

Corinne grew up on a Kibbutz, the socialist Jewish collective community.

After leaving Israel, she spent time traveling through

South America and settled in London in 1992.

She gained a BA in Womenswear from renowned Central Saint Martin’s,

and worked in the Industry in Paris and London.

Tired of the Fashion system, and guided by her love for nature

and herbal medicine, in 1999 she started a career in the wellness industry.

In 2001, a fascination with the healing properties of stones sparked

Corinne’s interest in Jewellery Design. A love at first sight, and the inspiration

behind her three year journey mastering Jewellery making.

She debuted the Celebration Rings Collection in 2004.

Corinne lives in London with her partner and their two children.