A CLASSIC TWIST Hoop Earrings with Circles in Gold

Hoop earrings with circles in 18 carat yellow gold are a beautiful and rustic option for those who like dimension and versatility. Each earring is composed of one hoop and one circle, which are connected by a jump ring, finished with a traditional hinged design and a hidden post. These earrings have a magical charm in that as they rotate, you will get different views of them from different angles. Their flexibility defines their allure. The Classic Twist Hoop earrings are organically crafted and asymmetrically shaped, with each hoop and circle containing four pave style set grey diamonds - three on one side, and one which is offset alone to create a unique aesthetic

Hoop Size

  • Width: 2.0mm - 2.5mm
  • Diameter: 1.3mm -1.5mm
  • Drop down top to bottom earring with circle for earring 2.2cm

Circle Size

  • Width 1.8mm - 2.5mm
  • Depth 1.2mm - 1.4mm
  • Diameter 6.0mm - 7.omm

Jump ring

  •  Diameter - 5mm
  • Drop down top to bottom circle with jump ring 1.3cm