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BRIDAL Half and Other Half Ring in Gold & Platinum

Half and Other Half wedding rings is the perfect reflection of a union: born out of the Together ring the original ring was cut in two, to create the unique opportunity for a couple to wear a union ring that was designed for them as one, but has respective parts which are uniquely fitting for each person. This ring is available in both gold and platinum. Please remember that if the couple have different ring size (which is true in most cases) the ability to show how the rings match will not be very obvious, therefore it is more about the concept
  • Outside edge measures approximately from: 0.5mm to 2mm
  • Side width measures approximately from: 0.5mm to 2mm

If you require any sizes that are not listed below, including  half-sizes, please contact us via the contact page 

Would like to have any engravings? We can add up to thirty characters/symbols for your special memory. Please get in touch with us, via the contact page and let us know what your ideas are

Each ring goes through its own custom process, giving every piece of jewellery its own unique design and finishing. This means that, whilst they are made to your size for wearing, there is no uniform thickness for any of the rings as they are handmade and organically shaped